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Otis Grove is:

Sam Gilman - Hammond Organ and vintage keys
Tyler Wayne Drabick - Guitar
Brian Sayers - Drums

There's a new sound taking over the town known as Boston. If you're by the banks of the Charles River as the moon glows over the muddy waters you very well may hear some thick, groovy beats banging out a trail for raw guitar licks and a soul-drenched Hammond organ. Yes indeed, ladies and gentleman who are down with the funk, it's time to get rocked by your new favorite band: Otis Grove.

Otis Grove began as a collective experiment in crossing the traditional organ jazz sound with funk, hip-hop, and rock tones. It was the beginning of a sonic realization based in groove and free in improvisation, yet rooted in songwriting and melodic structure. In early 2004, on the heels of their self-titled debut album, the band began spreading their sound to clubs around the New England area. The music, which has since evolved into a unique blend of aggressive rock n' roll and high-intensity organ funk (some fans have dubbed their genre 'Runk'- a mixture of rock and funk), pays tribute to the masters while consistently pushing itself in new directions. Performer Magazine writer Sam Merrick described it as "a monstrous funk groove that probably would have sent Godzilla running had he been in the neighborhood."

While an organ-based power trio at it's core, Otis Grove likes to keep it spicy by frequently collaborating with other musicians. Special guests who have joined the band for performances and recordings include Oteil Burbridge, Mr. Lif, Melvin Sparks, Akrobatik, Ryan Montbleau, Jesse Dee, The Akashic Horns, Garrett Sayers, Tim Palmieri, Amy Bellamy, Aaron Bellamy, Bill Carbone, Beau Sasser, Johnny Trama, Danny Mayer...... and many many more.

Eleven years and well over 1000 shows after its conception, Otis Grove is hitting it harder then ever. The trio-known for their cranked-up, dance-inducing, dynamic live performances- signed with Ropeadope Digital records in 2008 and are currently working on their 5th album which will be released in 2016.


2004 - Otis Grove (self-titled)
2007- Crank It UP
2010- The Runk
2013 - Live In Boston